With changes in the social environment, the role of medicine has greatly increased in importance. As a supplier of medical equipment, we have responded to the sophistication of medicine and diversification of customer needs. In addition to diagnostic ultrasound systems―a major method of diagnostic imaging which is expanding into the clinical field―we have also been involved in the development of osteoporosis diagnostic, sample testing, and therapeutic/surgical systems. These products, which reflect our dedicated pursuit of outstanding performance and reliability, have earned Hitachi-Aloka Medical a solid reputation not only in Japan but also worldwide. Hitachi-Aloka Medical’s radiation measuring instruments are used in various fields, including nuclear power, medicine, biochemistry, and pharmacology, and play crucial roles in radiation (safety) management, research and examination. As the pioneer in the field of radiation measurement, we have contributed greatly to the peaceful use of atomic energy and the development of isotope technology. We will continue to assist the progress of medicine and energy for the new age.

Product Range



The ARIETTA 70 incorporates all of the proven technologies and functions that cardiologists have come to expect from Hitachi Aloka Medical.

Arietta 70 is the definitive diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiologists in any clinical setting - Private Office, Imaging Center, or Hospital. The Arietta platform provides the ultimate in clinical performance with its state-of-the-art features and large user-friendly display.



The ARIETTA 60 incorporates proven technologies and functions that cardiologists have come to expect from Hitachi Aloka Medical.

The advanced architecture of the ARIETTA 60 has been completely redesigned and its premium performance is created by the commitment to produce the highest quality "sound"


ProSound Alpha 6

Powerful. Compact. User-friendly. The award-winning Prosound A6 is the smallest and lightest system in its class. Prosound Alpha 6, winner of the International Forum product design award, can be easily transported from exam room to the ICU, yet powerful enough to offer clinical performance with Broadband Harmonics, Directional eFLOW, Real-time 3D (4D), and store patient information.


ProSound F37

Simplicity enhanced in a compact and practical design. The F37 delivers outstanding images while mantaining comfort for the patient and the examiner. Smart and clear imaging combined with eFLOW and Auto Angle Correct makes this a small and reliable system for your work environment.


ProSound F31

A compact system with outstanding performance, for a wide range of clinical applications. F31 is developed with the purpose of providing what is necessary for natural and comfortable examinations.